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What kind of student are you?

First Time College Student

You have never attended college (unless as a dual enrollment student) and are interested in receiving a degree with ChattState.

TN College of Applied Technology (TCAT)

TCAT is a modern training facility that simulates the occupational environment found in potential places of employment.

Economic & Workforce Development

You are interested in business and industry training, apprenticeships, or personal interest classes.

Readmitted Student

You have attended Chattanooga State in the past and are ready to return. Welcome, we are very excited to have you back!

High School Student / Dual Enrollment

You haven’t yet graduated from high school, but you’re ready to get a jump on your education by taking college courses.

International Student

You hold, or will need to obtain, a non-immigrant Visa (this includes F-1, M-1, J-1, H-1, H-4, or other Visa status), and you wish to work towards a degree with ChattState.

Transfer Student

You have attended another college and are interested in receiving a degree with us. We’re happy you’re looking at Chattanooga State!

Transient (Visiting) College Student

You're enrolled at another college/university and want to take courses here, to be transferred back to your current school.

Non-Degree Seeking Student

You are interested in taking courses for college credit, but are not interested in pursuing a college degree or certificate at this time.